Causes And Remedies For Itchy Ears From Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are typically fitted carefully to ensure they are comfortable. This is important, since you will likely be wearing them from the time you wake up until you go to bed for the night. Occasionally, though, a problem arises. The most common is itchy ear syndrome. There are several different causes for the issue, […]

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Palate Surgery Can Help You Stop Snoring

Excessive snoring isn’t just troublesome to your partner. It can also have a negative effect on your life. Many people who snore are at an increased risk for health complications, routinely deal with fatigue and sometimes experience mood swings. Palate surgery may offer a solution. Understanding Palate Surgery The most important thing to remember is […]

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Is It Menopause, Hypothyroidism, Or Both?

Women in their forties and fifties may have trouble telling the difference between menopause and hypothyroidism. If you are of “a certain age,” some physical ailments may make you believe you are entering menopause. In some instances, the problem is actually hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid is not producing enough hormones to keep your […]

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What To Do When Your Child Goes Deaf

When you have a child, you only want what is best for them. However, sometimes injuries or illnesses occur that are entirely beyond your control. Sometimes, these injuries or illnesses can completely change your child’s and your life forever. If an injury or illness leaves your child legally or completely deaf, you may find yourself […]

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